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Tobacco Addiction

Breaking the addiction to smoking cigarettes is a very difficult thing to do, as well as the addiction to chewing tobacco.  Even though people are aware of the serious health risks involved with smoking, they continue to smoke because not only is the habit enjoyable to some, but it is very hard to break both physically and mentally.  Some people have said that quitting smoking permanently is harder than quitting drugs.  There is a physical addiction to the nicotine and a mental addiction to the ritual.

Once a person has made the decision to break the habit, there are many things one can try to help them overcome the addiction.  Over 35 million people attempt to quit smoking each year while less than 7% are able to quit for one year.  The urges to smoke are so powerful that the smokers will begin to smoke again after just a couple of days.  They will do this knowing that 440,000 people die each year due to prolonged use of tobacco and tobacco related products.

There are a number of things to try to aid a person in quitting smoking.  Going cold turkey, medication, meditation, gum, nicotine gum, exercise, electronic cigarettes and pure will power.  Each person is different, so while one thing may help someone, it may not help another.  One thing remains the same with each person trying to quit; they need help calming their nerves and withdrawals!  Try using an herb that CALMS so that can you help calm the nerves and eases the withdrawal symptoms.

St. John's Wort is another great herb that can reduce the cravings for nicotine, which is something that can be very beneficial.  An herb called LOBELIA is very good at calming the nerves and that is also beneficial when trying to quit smoking.

Once a person quits smoking, the body begins to repair itself immediately.  After just twenty minutes the heart rate will return to normal.  Within twelve hours, carbon monoxide level in the blood drops back to normal.  The heart attack risk drops and the lungs function better within just two weeks of not smoking.   After two months, cholesterol improves and coughing and shortness of breath decrease.  Since cigarettes contain heavy metals, a heavy metal detox is very beneficial in cleansing the body of the toxins from cigarettes.



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